Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter Woodland Step Card

I am currently out of town and away from my studio however I have an oldie that I made last year to share with you. I love this technique. It is more a scene than a card and it is very fun to create.  It is sure to thrill both adult and child alike. It looks very complicated but in all reality the hardest part is measuring and scoring and then deciding what type of scene you wish to create. I chose a Christmas village scene with all of the cuts coming from the Winter Woodland Cartridge. I love this cartridge and the font is beautiful.(Like the "snow" effect?)
It is difficult to see in this picture however right in front of the church is a skater, coming off from the left side is a Cardinal sitting on a limb. Ummmm..lets try a look without the snow: That's a little better!
From the side you can see how the cuts were all attached, giving it a 3 dimensional effect.As soon as  I arrive home again I will include all the measurements required to make this card and will even try to make a pdf file with the pattern but I warn you-I've never done it before so I make no promises!
I am visiting my family in my home town,Niagara Falls, NY while my DH is away in the mountains bonding with his guy friends, Oh no wait....I think he calls it "hunting". I'll be up bright and early and head for Goat Island for a walk. It should be a nice  crisp walk this time of year. Hopefully I can get some good pictures to post!
Have a wonderful weekend!


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