Friday, March 18, 2011

At The Barn..and a VERY special request

Hope everyone had a super fun St. Patty's Day. The card I have to share with you was so much fun to create. As you know I love shaped cards so I set out to do a barn. A few months back when Michaels had a cartridge sale I managed to buy the "Old West" Cart for $9.99....woowhooo who doesn't love a bargain!! I've never used it so I thought it was about time to do so. I hate to buy things and then just have them sit there taking space and collecting dust. I just need to justify my purchase (and have a good excuse to play in my craft studio!)
I found the barn, cut it out, used my Scor Pal to make the "wood" paneling, added a horse-then some glittered flocking to the horse then had to face the windows...darn, had I payed attention to what I was doing I wouldn't have cut them out.. Ahhhhh...all those sheets of acetate I've been saving....perfect windows for my barn! So I made windows, added some "hay" for the loft....a horse in each window then sandwiched with another sheet of acetate..add some bling and there you have it! Hummmm.....still wasn't happy with it. Now I think I need a silo. Low and behold I don't have a cart with a silo. Originally I planned on using George and Basic shapes to use a rectangle with a triangle but came across a tag. Perfect! So with my best friend Gypsy we changed the dimensions to fit the project and hid the hole on top then positioned a second identical tag made just a bit bigger and positioned it off the mat leaving only the top to cut........waaalaaa.....the top to my silo. I then ran it thru my paper crimper (is that what you call that?) to give it a little pizazz. What's a farm without a rooster? So I found the perfect Rooster on my Just Because Cards cart. I don't know how you create but my projects often snowball. They start simple and become...well ridiculous sometimes. But it's so FUN!!
Shelly's Images-Anything Goes
On a serious note...a year or so ago I was passed a balloon on FaceBook. Out of curiosity I visited the site it originated from and found that you could find a balloon with a cause to pass on. I found a recent one recognizing a young 15 year old girl with a recently diagnosed brain tumor. I am a septic so before I passed it on I did a bit of research and found the moms name and wrote her a note. We have been in contact ever since. Everything has been going well with Courtney,
( now 16), until last night. She suffered a terrible run of seizures around 11PM and has not regained consciousness since. I ask that you keep her in your prayers and if you are interested in sending cards I can supply the address for you to do so. A group on the Cricut board sent them last year and she has kept every single on of them so they will be well appreciated. I'm just a little blog so if you would pass the word I would greatly appreciate it! Also, Mom update: She is healing well. She would like her right arm back but it has a while to go before she is out of a cast. Thank you all for your well wishes!
I'm off to Sturbridge, Massachusetts for a peaceful weekend of rest and sightseeing! I wish the same for all of you. Oh my, look what my hubby found in our garden this afternoon!
Signs of Spring in the Hudson Valley


  1. This is awesome and I know what u mean about a project not turning out quite what u expect but this one is so great! I would have never thought to use the Scor pal for wood planks!


  2. Hi, Kathlee! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment. I have been looking around your blog as well and reading some of your posts. I find it interesting that you're ready for winter to end and I'm already wishing for its return! It has been in the mid 80s all week and I'm not at all ready for summertime! I have to mow my yard this afternoon... ugh! Anyway, I love the pictures of your furbabies! They are gorgeous!


  3. Hi Kathlee. That is funny how your projects snowball. I have had that problem too. Your card turned out great. Thanks for following my blog. I am following yours too. So cool that you are from Kingston too. I love your photo of the signs of spring. Just today I found our first crocus. It's coming.

  4. Beautiful project! That is sweet of you to be keeping that mom and daughter in your thoughts and that you are taking care of them the best you can. When we pass on human kindness in this world it helps so many people! If you send me the address I will send a cheerful card. You can use my contact form on my blog's contact me page to e-mail me

  5. OMG what a grea card love it how lucky to find the cart for 9.99 I miss you too thank you. Hugs

  6. Hi Kathlee! I'm Martha - you stopped by my blog last night for the Link Up Party - and can I just say I LOVE your barn!!! I just got the Old West cart myself at the Cricut Stampede in Dallas and it is a great cart to have. Lovely blog and have a great day!!!

  7. Love how this turned out. Its beautiful.

    Smiles Sher

  8. Very cute card. Just hopping by from the Love Link Up Party! :)



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