Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Ornaments with the Cricut~and more fun!

Okay, I'm on a roll now! I've been busy making ornaments that I saw created by Emma from  My Creative Time during her 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. I made a few changes and additions and I can't wait to share them with you but first I have to share even more great Blog Hop winnings with you! Woowho..yes I won even more!! I checked my blog last night only to find a comment from Jen from Simply Chic Designs by Jen telling me I won Happiest Moments Stamps by  Robyn -the one and only My Pink Stamper. Thank you so much Jen and Robyn. Can't wait to get my hands on those yummy stamps!!
Last year I made all of the grand kids personalized Christmas ornaments inspired by "Christmas with the Cricut"-now "Everyday Cricut" They were adorable and loved by all so this year, when I saw Emma's creation I knew I would have to try it again this year. I'm not great with videos so I'm doing my tutorial in pictures. So here we go! I changed projects in the middle so I will be starting in one color and ending with another (I have a very short attention span!)
Supplies Needed:
Fine glitter-mine is Martha Stewart
round, but flattened glass or plastic ornament (got mine at Micheals and the come in glass or plastic)
Pledge Future Floor Wax
Modge Podge (High Gloss or Sparkle)
Step 2
Step 1: put enough Pledge Future in the ornament to at least fill the bottom of the ornament. If you put too much in-no problem. You are going to cover the top with some plastic wrap & shake gently assuring you cover all surfaces of your ornament-then drain the excess.

 Step 2: Chose your glitter and using a small funnel put into the ornament. Again-if you put in too much, not to worry. Cover the top and shake gently assuring you cover all surfaces of your ornament. When you are certain you have pour the excess out for re-use!
Grandchild of the Furry Variety!
Step 3: At this point I cut my picture using a 2" Spellbinder scalloped circle die by running it through my Cuttlebug. I also prepared my snowflake and numbers for the back of my ornament. Because I am doing so many I choose to mass produce. Now this is where I experimented. I cut my snowflake (Winter Lace) at 2.25 out of DCWV Christmas Glitter Pack but it is thick and I found it didn't lay well across the conture of the ornament. I am using Modge Podge Sparkle so I tried the snowflake on white card stock and like the result. The numbers for my year I did use with the DCWV Glitter paper.
Winter Lace-2.25
Plantin School House-Roly Poly-.75

Step 4: Cover the back of your picture with a coat of Modge Podge and carefully apply it to the ornament smoothing it down as it dries. (I cut very small slits around the picture to assist in keeping it flat). Give it at least 15 minutes to dry , then apply another coat over the picture. My very first try I used the Sparkle but I wasn't happy with the effect so I used the Sparkle over the snowflake and the Gloss over the photo. I'll show you the different effect later. Once dry apply the snowflake using the same method.

Step 5: Once the snowflake is dry I applied the numbers for the year placing them across the snowflake. Now I found they lay much better if I run them through my Xyron-create -a-sticker  vs using the Modge Podge as the adhesive. I think that may be because the glitter paper is so heavy and thick. Once applied I cover the snowflake and year with another coat of Modge Podge Sparkle. Allow to dry. Another coat can be applied if you chose.

Step 6: Tie a pretty bow around the neck of the ornament and thread additional ribbon through the top to form a loop to hang your beautiful creation on the tree!

With Modge Podge Sparkle
I used the Modge Podge  Sparkle on this ornament but I thought the sparkle was too distorting over the photo. If I have enough ornaments and TIME I will most likely re-do these.
I still have 9 more children to do and I am doing one a very special one for a family member for a very special event that is going to happen....but nobody knows (but me!) Any guesses out there? I'll share when it is done! Happy Crafting Peeps !

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  1. Congrats on the stamps! And WOW... I just love the ornament! you did great job :0). Have a blessed day!
    Hugs, Carol L.


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