Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From Christmas to Flowers

 It's a gorgeous autumn morning and I'm really gearing up for the Christmas season but somehow how side tracked into trying my hand at homemade flowers for cards and layouts. I did "okay" for a first attempt however now that I've done them once I know what modifications I will make my next attempt. I found some fantastic tutorials at and decided to try them. As I told you before I am frugal so I don't have many fancy supplies but enough to get by until I am once again employed! So tried their Paper Bag Flower tutorial. I didn't have the punches or templates so I set out on the internet to find them. Sure enough I found a free template for poinsettia petals on a Sunday school crafts website. I also found a paper bag and off to work I went. My next attempt I will use smaller petals which will give it a more compact appearance. I used Gold Glimmer Mist and it did give the petals a nice glow but I think I would try a second color next time around to give it a deeper, richer look. I used a smaller Cricut flower cut from Walk in My Garden for the center .
The jeweled center is actually a bead cap with a small pearl glued in the middle-it's all about improvising! I am anxious to try this one again and am confident with smaller petals I would be very happy wth it. Down side of it....I had to use scissors  to cut the petals. I'd much rather push my Cricuts' little button and be done with it!  I did just that with the flower below. This is a cut from Walk in my Garden. It was 6 cuts, 2 of each size-misted with Gold Glimmer Mist and the petals molded while damp. Again there are things I would do differently such as use a smaller brad.Hind sight is such a great creative tool! {{{Hugz}}}.........have a fantastic day!


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