Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OMGoodness........another Award!

It was just brought to my attention that while I was distracted Mothers Day weekend playing Mother of the Bride I missed another award!  This one was awarded to me by Amy at Love to Crop. Awww, thank you Amy!! I am so thrilled that someone so darned talented finds my blog worth an award. That is a true compliment! I apologize for over looking it!
So now to come up with 5 more Cricut related inner secrets!

*My boyfriend at the time, was responsible for this Cricut habit as he bought me a Create for Christmas!
* My very first Cricut project was making my menu's for my wedding reception!
*I have yet to allow anybody to operate my Cricut. I don't share that well!
*My Gypsy will no longer do separate layers and needs hospitalization.
* I am not certain that I would want an Imagine....just another expense.

Seeing that I accidentally hit "publish" and I am now in edit mode I will return later to pick the blogs I would like to see have this award!

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