Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Easter Guest Designer is making his debut!

It's 4 days before the Easter Bunny visits all the boys & girls however I was lucky enough to get him here...on MY blog as a guest designer. Wait till you see the eggs he has left ME! They are special!
Ummm..........wait a minute Mr. E. Bunny. Your looking a bit grouchy this morning!
Guess he doesn't do well in the mornings!
But anyway I wanted to share some real works of art that my youngest daughter Erin created. She has been really busy at it since Christmas. She made a few as gifts and before she knew it she had orders and a huge following. They are beautiful....take a look! Many BIG children around the Hudson Valley & Western New York will be waking up to these little treats in their baskets.
I can't even imagine the patience this takes. These aren't the large ostrich eggs, they are regular chicken eggs. She did quite a few for a large Equestrian School with a gorgeous horse profile on them and one with the logo of the school hand painted on the back side. Absolutely gorgeous.
Just had to share as I thought they were so pretty and so appropriate for this week.
BTW,this daughter will be a newly wed in a few short weeks. I'll be gaining another great son-in-law! I am so blessed!

Oh yes.....Melvin AKA the grumpy Easter Bunny is her fur baby. He looks a tad happier here! Well.....not really!
Happy Spring everybody~


  1. Beautiful eggs!! Your daughter is very talented. :) Wow, Melvin... You let them put those ears on ya??? The-Turtle-Cat wouldn't allow that even if they were COVERED in GLITTER (and she really LOVES glitter!!)... :)

    Amy :) at

  2. Fantastic eggs! Your Melvin and my Boopster seem to share the same outlook of life...'don't grumpy!"
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  3. wow these eggs are awesome I like them


  4. Wow, those eggs are beautiful. That certainly must take a lot of patience!! I love Melvin; that was pretty good of him to play the Easter Bunny for you. My cats would never sit still for that!-- Pat N.

  5. Nice eggs... so pretty !
    Thanks for commenting in my blog,
    Have a great Easter ;-)
    ~Maria Elena~

  6. Your eggs are beautiful and the bunny looks good too. :)


  7. Those eggs are beautiful! Mr bunny is cute too!


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