Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Life Has Gone To The Dogs!

Good morning from Niagara Falls, New York! I thought , seeing that I’ve run out of blog modifications for the day, that I might give Windows Writer a try and see if it is indeed easier to publish from there. From what I’ve read it is and it is easier to position my pictures where I want them. That alone sounds lucrative to me so here we go!

As I am sure you can see by now, I’m pretty bored with life. I wake up every morning with a FB update from my sweet daughter who uses adjectives like:warm,beautiful, peaceful,fun. I swear she has  left this fine planet of ours as I look out the window and see a good 8 inches of snow on the ground, the mercury hovering around 10 degrees and the only warmth around here is found in my Ugg slippers she so sweetly left me and two quilts on the bed at night. Her baby Rocky has decided that it may be fun to sleep with me so my sleep has been interrupted more than once as the 200+ dog tries to “sneak” up on the bed. Then and only then have I experienced a “cruise like moment” as the bed rocks (or convulses) under his body weight. For a moment I thought I was on the Titanic. Let me introduce you to Rocky! I’m sure you will understand

My name is Rocky (640x630)

Rocky is over 200 lbs but he thinks he is a Chihuahua. Then there is Daisy. She is somewhat of the “special needs” child. She is every bit as large as her brother but slighter in build. I’m guessing maybe 165lbs? She has manners and rarely tries to pull the wool over my eyes. You can’t tell in the picture but she has ice blue eyes.

My name is Daisy

If she could she would sit on your lap all day long and just cuddle. BTW, they are sitting on THEIR sofa. There are also 2 cats in the house but they only make an appearance in the evening when the Giant Creatures sleep. Kind of like my grandson. He makes an appearance when he smells food!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. OMG! LOL!!! Your dogs are so big, how funny they have "their" own sofa! :)

  2. Hi Kathlee - bless you for the compliment!

    RE your problem with the label cloud - I think this is because I wrote the tutorial before Blogger changed to the new Template Designer, so the coding has changed somewhat. In your normal Labels facility (in Templates) you can now click on the ordinary labels or the label cloud option, and you also have the option of having the number of posts per category show (or not). I'd advise you remove one or the other (if the Blogger one, you'll be able to do this in Design:Page Elements view - just delete the widget).

    Hope this helps! And thanks for using my tutorials. By the way, your email button isn't working, so do email again if you need help with that.

    Hugs etc...


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