Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So Many Projects & So little Time!

Good evening fellow crafters! I don't know about you but my days have been so full I really need a few more months to complete everything. I have been crafting but have been doing the same thing over and over again. I get real close to getting caught up and everything under control and then some helpful crafter comes up with the cutest darned ideas and I just don't have the common sense to say..."no...not this year". It goes something like this...NO EXACTLY like this. I start with etched monogrammed wine glasses. They turned out so pretty that I decided I would add a matching etched serving tray.That was a beautiful touch, great gift. Then I'm almost done with that and I see these great wine glass charms (thanks Emma from My Creative Time, I really needed to do something else!) so naturally I think they would be just beautiful on the wine glasses so then I had to do those as well. Well......this gift turned out so stinkin cute I think of all these people who would really enjoy a gift like this so I add a few more on. THEN while on a blog hop I find this really cute idea  Reindeer Tea. Just so happens I have a few on my list that may enjoy that so then I decide to etch 2 glass coffee cups and a matching container for the tea.  Neat huh?? If I wasn't crazy before I certainly am now! Now I haven't even included all the ornaments I've made abd continue to make. I have completed 15 and I'm still going at it. Why?? Well I just keep thinking of all the people I know that would enjoy them. How many days do I have left?? OMG...............guess I best get moving! Have a great one!!
All I need to do is replace the bottle of wine and it will be a fine gift! Boy it was good!


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