Monday, October 18, 2010

So glad you came!

Welcome to my little place in cyberspace. I have been contemplating blogging for quite sometime but never knew where to start. My passion is working with paper. I began making cards from the computer and grew into crafting from paper. It all began when my husband bought me a Cricut for Christmas so he has nobody to blame for my addiction but himself! It took me almost a year before I had the courage to learn that machine but once I started....look out! Talented? Probably not. It takes me all day to make 1 card,sometimes longer, and another day to clean up the mess I made but I sure have a lot of fun doing it! I love *stuff* and hoard glitter, ribbon,lace, name it! They know me by my first name at Micheals Craft Store. Soon I will officially have my own craft room thanks to that gem of a husband I married! I'll post pictures of my studio as it progresses. So join me....I am a novice and am open to criticisms, new techniques and advice. Leave me love and I promise I will read each and every comment. I'm certain I won't be a daily blogger but I will be around! Thanks so much for visiting and come again soon!


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