Saturday, October 23, 2010

But...what a day!

So I get a brain storm that I need to change my blogs name. I read somewhere that the name has a lot to do with making it "searchable". I go in to change the name and somehow I ended up making an entirely new blog. I think I will leave well enough alone, So this is it folks....Snippits & Cricuts-and I'm sticking to it!
Today was filled with painting walls and trim and installing the strip lighting in the studio. We are really making great progress! Take a peek!

As you can tell I'm wed to a saint who is very handy! Wait until you see what he does to this room.We were very fortunate to come upon some cabinets that were in a dental office...FREE and in excellent shape. So we are set for storage. The one cabinet has huge very shallow drawers, perfect for stamp storage.
Hopefully I can clear out some of the mess and get crafting soon!

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